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Strogonofy Designs offers a fresh approach to Multimedia design – corporate identity, Logo design, Web design & 3D renderings for your product and merchandise design!

A long time multimedia design project, by designer Pedro Loureiro Licentiate of Communication and Multimedia Design, initially came onto the scene focusing on e-sports logo/avatar designs, that then evolved into corporate identity and web design.

Established in 2017, Strogonofy Designs – still headed by Pedro Loureiro, now produces international multimedia design from intricate/personalised Logos, to 3D renderings of products with logo application and merchandising design to multimedia websites with out of the box animations and fluidity of interface design between platforms.

Always focusing the best possible outcome of the product as well as corporate image making sure to push the boundaries on the normal expectations of design in the corporate identity and multimedia industry, with extreme professionalism and high quality of work in partnership with long time established Adorn Media Studio, the combination of these two forces result in a final product without comparison!

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